Our Consulting Services

We work collaboratively with clients to develop tailored treatment plans that encompass mental, emotional, and social well-being.

Our Consulting Services

Areas of Expertise

Our Consulting services are designed to provide compassionate and personalized support to guide you or your loved ones towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Home & Family Assessments

At T Counseling Inc., we understand the importance of creating safe and nurturing homes for children and youth in kinship and foster care. Our Child, Youth, and Family Home Assessment Services are designed to support and guide prospective kinship and foster parents through a comprehensive assessment process, ensuring a positive environment for the children entrusted to their care.

Our licensed and experienced assessors conduct thorough evaluations of prospective kinship and foster homes. This process includes an in-depth examination of the home environment, safety measures, and overall suitability for children and youth. We collaborate with prospective parents to identify areas of improvement and provide guidance on creating a secure and supportive living space.

To better understand the dynamics of the household, our assessors conduct individual and family interviews with prospective kinship and foster parents. These discussions allow us to gain insight into parenting styles, communication strategies, and the family’s commitment to providing a stable and loving environment for children and youth.

T Counseling Inc. recognizes that each family is unique, and our assessments include an evaluation of parenting skills. We assess caregivers’ abilities to meet the diverse needs of children and youth, offering support and guidance to enhance parenting strategies and foster a positive family environment.

We prioritize cultural sensitivity and inclusivity in our assessments. T Counseling Inc. acknowledges and respects the diverse backgrounds of kinship and foster families. Our assessments consider cultural practices, traditions, and values to ensure a culturally competent and inclusive home for the children placed in care.

Throughout the assessment process, T Counseling Inc. provides education and support for prospective kinship and foster parents. We offer resources, training, and guidance to enhance parenting skills, address any concerns, and prepare families for the unique challenges and joys of providing care to children and youth.

T Counseling Inc. collaborates with licensing agencies to ensure that our assessments align with regulatory standards and requirements. Our goal is to streamline the licensing process for kinship and foster parents, providing comprehensive assessments that meet or exceed the necessary criteria.

Our commitment to kinship and foster families extends beyond the assessment phase. T Counseling Inc. provides ongoing support and follow-up to ensure that families continue to meet the needs of the children in their care. We are dedicated to building lasting partnerships with caregivers and contributing to the well-being of children and youth.


Child, Youth & Family Welfare & Law

  • Child and Family Risk Assessments
  • Professional support in navigating court processes
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First Nations and Indigenous Services

  • Incorporation of agencies/Startups
  • Strategic planning
  • Needs assessments
  • Business Plans
  • Program and Procedures Manuals
  • Addressing lateral violence in the workplace
  • Increasing morale at the workplace
  • Program and grant funding under CHRTs and Jordan’s Principle streams
  1. Psychosocial assessments
  2. Career change/development support
  3. Divorce and separation processes
  4. Social work student supervision

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